I’m Sonja Boon, a researcher, writer, teacher, and Professor of Gender Studies at Memorial University.

On any given day you can find me:

  1.  in a classroom having great critical conversations about all sorts of things with undergraduate and graduate students
  2.  buried in the archives nosing out a story
  3. lost in a book of some sort, often feminist theory but also novels and memoirs
  4. at my desk in front of my computer writing
  5. near any flat surface with my markers, my pens, and my notebooks free writing, mapping out stories, and revising;
  6. baking something
  7. noodling away on one of my flutes
  8. convincing my teenagers that there is life beyond video games
  9. out for a walk or (in bad weather) sitting on my exercise bike convincing myself it’s a healthy thing to do even though it’s got to be one of the most boring things ever.

If you’re looking for a more official bio, you can find it here‘.


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